Influencer culture sometimes gets a bad rap. A group of everyday people amass a huge social media following by offering advice they’re probably not qualified to give. In some cases, it’s warranted. Is this random person you’ve never met qualified to give you “10 reasons you should stop eating broccoli right now,” or are they full of baloney?

But, despite the worst examples of influencer advice, there are some truly innovative trends in the organization and cleaning space. These aren’t unqualified opinions that can harm your physical or mental health. They are ingenious hacks to make your life easier and bring more beauty into your home.

That’s why we’re devoting today’s round-up to some of the best tricks and trends floating around on social media that you don’t want to miss. Take some notes, get to work, and then show off the results with some grid-worthy photos.

Add some rainbows in every room.

Something about the ROYGBIV color order brings an immediate smile to your face. For the ladies of @thehomeedit, the rainbow is an aesthetic choice that belongs in every room – and with over 5 millions Instagram followers, they aren’t alone in thinking that.

The Home Edit’s specialty is organizing a space with clear containers so that every item has a place and is easily found. But their calling card is their organization by color, creating a rainbow effect in the pantry, the office, and beyond. Aside from helping you locate items more easily, don’t underestimate how much joy a rainbow can inspire.

Decant your pantry items.

One life hack that has been making the rounds on TikTok this year is decanting. The basic premise is that any items you have in your pantry should be put in a separate glass or plastic container to create a seamless look, make organization easier, and keep pantry items fresh.

There have been a lot of criticisms of this trend, many of them warranted. Namely, it’s seen as an expensive and pointless venture. But there is actually merit in using containers like this if it’s done correctly. Using containers to store pantry items should hopefully encourage more bulk bin purchases. 

Buying in bulk saves money and is also better for the environment because there is less package waste. Some stores even let you bring your own container. But perhaps you don’t want to take this trend to its extreme by keeping every item in a jar. Save yourself the hassle and extra expenses by being selective about what you store in a container.

Turn your utensils to the side.

If you’re anything like the majority of the population, you probably have a utensil drawer that has a life of its own, with forks and spoons migrating to other parts of the drawer like they’re sentient beings.

What if I told you that all you’re doing wrong is placing them the wrong way? According to TikTok organizational influencer @domesticblisters, cutlery needs to be placed on its side. I love hacks like this because the answer is so simple yet totally effective. It’s the reason that people come to social media for great organizational tips.

Empty your boxes.

For those who love board games or have children, you probably are familiar with the sight of a towering stack of boxes with all your favorite games. As much as you might love them, there is an easier way to store your cherished board games and create more space.

According to @mrs.happygilmore on TikTok, you need to empty the boxes and place the contents in flat zippered bags. That goes for any boxes you keep that are only housing an instructional manual and a few cords. Maximize your space by consolidating them in a bag or thin container.

And just like that, you’re on your way to a beautiful, clean home that you’ll be proud to share with your followers. Who knows? Maybe you’ll figure out some viral tricks of your own to share. Happy cleaning!