Every year when January rolls around, countless resolutions are made of the “reach-for-the-stars” variety. You know the ones – those aspirational goals that are equal parts fantastic and totally unrealistic. They never get completed and you end up just feeling worse about yourself than when you started.

But there’s a different kind of resolution that often gets overlooked. Instead of changing who you are and what you look like, why not change your cleaning routine? That might sound like a boring resolution, but don’t sleep on the power of a clean space. It’s been shown to help reduce mental stress and anxiety, which can aid you in completing the other goals on your list. A goal that helps you accomplish other goals and calm your mind: that’s a triple threat.

Surely that has convinced you, but now you need to figure out what your resolution will be. We’re here to help. Browse through these suggestions and literally wipe the slate clean for 2022!

Start small

First, assess where you are on the spectrum of cleanliness. Are you a hot mess or do you just need to hone your organizational skills? Your resolution will depend a lot on how you respond to that question.

If you’re someone who has trouble seeing your own floor most days, don’t make a goal to have a spotless place at all times. Go for a simpler goal and work from there. Have a resolution to put clothes away after you’ve tried them on instead of throwing them on the floor. Or make your bed every morning. Once you’ve stuck with that habit, you can build on it, but it’s important not to overwhelm yourself.

Maximize your time

If you’re trying to upgrade your existing cleaning skills, you might want to make a resolution that maximizes your time. Example: say you’re taking out the trash. Whenever a bag is full, empty all the other bins in your house. Look for food that has gone bad or other items that are past their usefulness.

That saves time. More importantly, you don’t have to motivate yourself to do multiple chores throughout the week. Consolidate chores that are similar to each other.

Create a chore plan

Watch any good heist movie and you’ll know your level of success is all based on having an airtight plan. What does a heist have to do with cleaning, you ask? Not much. But seriously, plans are important.

If you want to have a successful resolution, you need to create a plan that you can stick to. Equally important, it needs to anticipate and counteract whatever shortcomings you have. Are you a morning person? Do your chores before work, knowing that you’re unproductive when you get home in the evening.

If you’re trying to organize, figure out what items you need to give you a better chance of success. And if your social calendar is filled on Fridays, schedule most of your chores for earlier in the week. Small, planned actions every day make a gigantic difference.

There are so many ways to improve your organization and the cleanliness of your home in a manageable way, and you don’t have to be a neat freak to do it! Make a resolution you can actually keep and watch your stress levels improve at the same time.