Did you know a clean office space can make you nearly 20% more productive? I actually just made that up, but it sounds true, right? There’s something about a clean and organized area that makes doing your work so much easier. It can even be motivating.

The problem is that it’s not always fun to do – especially after an arduous day poring over spreadsheets or fielding client calls. The last thing you want to do before you close the office door is file random papers. Wouldn’t it be nice to snap your fingers and have everything done for you?

Unless you have superhuman powers, that’s probably not possible. But there are some super simple and effective ways to make decluttering after a long day less time-consuming. We’re sharing our favorite tips for an orderly workspace. If that sounds like something you need, follow along!

Preparation is key.
If you want to make your life easier throughout the work week, it does take a little effort. You want to start from scratch and perform small maintenance acts every day. That requires an initial few hours to organize and deep clean everything you have. Pick a day and put it on the schedule. You’re going to create an organization system that simplifies daily work.

Create a filing system.

If your workspace has a desk, the odds are good that you have to deal with at least some paper and office supplies. Take an inventory of everything that needs a home. That includes all of those items piled in a junk drawer. Just because they’re tucked away, that doesn’t mean they’re organized.

Put items in piles based on type: for example, a pile for supplies and a pile for papers. If a pile is especially large, break it down even further. The objective is to make it easier to find. If you have a large stack of office supplies, for instance, separate the packaging supplies from the desk supplies.

Every person has different needs depending on what they do, but find a system that works for you. Consider filing folders, bins, and drawer separators. The storage in your desk will have a big influence on what types of storage you can use.

Make your space accessible.

One problem that often gets overlooked is the layout of your space. If things aren’t easily accessible, we tend to use those things less often. For instance, if your filing system is on the other side of the room and you have to get up and file something throughout the day, you’re more likely to leave that item on your desk to get taken care of later (i.e. never).

Increase your likelihood of organizing items by making adjustments to enhance the flow of the space. Maybe put the filing system right behind your desk, for instance. And if you feel motivated by sunshine, make sure your desk is positioned near the window. These tiny changes can make a world of difference each day.

Keep it up!

Once you make your workspace more organized, it’s time to keep it up. Keep things in their designated space whenever you’re not actively using them. Have a spot for cleaning items in or next to your desk. If something spills, you can eliminate the mess immediately without getting up from your chair.

Remember, the point is to do work now that will make you more likely to organize when you’re less motivated. Hopefully, you found some inspiration here to perfect your office area. Happy cleaning!