Spring is finally here, which means it’s time for that one annual task you either really love or really hate: spring cleaning. We’re all familiar with this yearly tradition of scrubbing with toothbrushes and getting rid of all our old clothes. After the job is done, you’re left with the satisfaction that only a sparkling home can provide.

Even though the finished product can leave such good vibes, there’s a reason that so many can’t stand spring cleaning. It’s because it takes an eternity. Honestly – that’s a scientific fact. While time spent scrubbing tile and sorting trinkets can be therapeutic for certain individuals, it can be downright torture for others.

So, what’s the answer when you want the thorough cleaning without the major time investment? You might be surprised to learn that you can get those results with just a fraction of the time you’d normally spend on it. The catch is that you need to do them daily or weekly – not annually. But by keeping up on tasks throughout the year, you don’t have to sift through boxes and combat year-old dirt.

We’re here to clue you in on exactly how you can do this. With these simple tips, you can have that euphoric sensation from a well-cleaned home all year long.

Create your game plan

It’s easy to say that you’re going to do daily chores to avoid pushing everything to one day a year. But if you’re not specific about what your game plan is, it’s almost guaranteed that nothing will get done. Set aside a few minutes to figure out your cleaning schedule.

The first thing you need to do is make a firm time commitment. Plan to do 15 to 30 minutes of cleaning every day. Make it something manageable that you know you can complete. If you have a fixed work schedule every day, decide what time you want to start cleaning.

Then, make your weekly schedule of chores. You first need to write out a list of everything you want to get done. Keep reading for a list of tasks that often get overlooked. Schedule every chore for a particular day. That will be your focus for those 15 or 20 minutes you set aside to clean.

Deep-clean the bathroom

One of the major culprits of dirt and debris in the bathroom is the tub. All of that moisture can quickly create mold and mildew, and it just loves to invade the grout that lines the tile. Spend time scrubbing the tub and the toilet so that it doesn’t become an overwhelming mess every year, requiring the kind of products that you need to wear a mask for.

When you’re done cleaning those fixtures, save five minutes every week to go through your medicine cabinet and the cabinet under your sink. If there is a product you’re not using, give it away or get rid of it. For smaller tasks, like cleaning the mirror or sink bowl, invest a few minutes every day. If you create a habit of cleaning them after you use them, it can become as automatic as brushing your teeth.

Clear out the kitchen

Beyond the obvious chores of sweeping and mopping the floors, one of the most helpful tasks you can do is to organize the pantry and refrigerator. By consistently going through them every week and making sure nothing has expired, you can not only make the kitchen cleaner but also more user-friendly. No more moving around every food item to look for where you put that can of beans.

Organize the garage

The garage is the black hole of every home. In your home, it might be the basement or the attic. Wherever it is, it’s that one place that has become a catch-all for all those items you don’t use on a consistent basis. If you’re honest, you probably don’t use them at all. Take a few minutes each week to figure out what you can donate or throw away. Whatever is left should be organized in a way that provides easy access.

SOS: Send help!

If you need some help getting things done every week, or even just need help getting started, try giving Splendid Maids a call. This is kind of our thing. We specialize in deep cleaning so you can have a sparkling home without having to figure everything out. The only thing better than having extra time on spring cleaning day is having extra time every single day.

Hopefully, this list has given you some inspiration to get started! With just a little investment, you can avoid an intense spring cleaning day – or week. The only thing you need to do now is to figure out how to spend all that time you just saved. Might we suggest a nap in the sun?