When the weather starts to cool and the leaves are changing color, it’s finally time to don your coziest sweater. You know the one. It’s thick and soft, warm like a hug, and buried deep within the clothes you have stored inside your attic.

As sad as it is to say goodbye to summer, the fall is all about being extra comfy and burrowing in for the winter. To do that, you’ll need a different wardrobe. That means it’s time to brush off those winter sweaters and store away your shorts and tanks.

Storing clothes can be tough. Textiles are very temperamental. They need the right conditions to thrive. Otherwise, when you take them out again next summer, you’re left with a pile of wrinkled, weird-smelling fabric that may or may not have been dined on by some wildlife.

But, there are some steps you can take to avoid this scenario. We’re going to share our tips for storing away your clothes so they can stay like new throughout the winter. So when next summer rolls around and you’re ready to break out your shorts, all you need to decide is which pair you’ll wear first.

Use a sealed container.

The most important decision you’re going to make is what container you’re going to store your clothes in. Everything hinges on this decision. If you choose a container that’s porous or allows air in easily, you’re exposing your clothing to things that can damage them. Air is not a friend to fabric, and neither are insects. You can end up with holes, discoloration, or any number of issues. So, drop the garbage bags and opt instead for a vacuum-sealed bag or plastic container with an airtight seal.

Store them the same way you normally would.

Some clothes have no problem being folded. They’re made of hearty fabrics and can handle the extra love. Other clothes are delicate and need to be hung up. The way you treat your clothes in your regular closet is the same way you should treat them when storing them away. Hang up your dresses and nice blouses. Fold your t-shirts. Keep the same system in place.

Pick a room with the right temperature.

A lot of people choose to store their clothing in an attic, basement, or garage. It makes sense because it’s out of the way and gives you more room in your living area. But the problem is that these rooms have more extreme temperatures. They take on the temperature of the outdoors, and these temperature extremes can damage your clothing. It’s a much better idea to make room in a different area of your home where you can control the climate.

Help your shoes keep their shape.

Shoes need to be cared for, too. If improperly stored, they can lose their shape easily. When you’re storing shoes away, make sure to stuff them with newspaper or similar material to help them keep their shape.

Wash everything before you store them.

If you want your clothes to be ready to go at the first sign of warm weather, you need to wash and dry all your clothes before storing them. This goes for the clothes you already cleaned previously but haven’t worn in a while. Freshen them up before they go into the airtight container so that they’re ready to be used as soon as you need them.

Switching out clothes can require some thought if you want to do it well, but the results are worth it. You can avoid having to get rid of perfectly good clothes that got ruined from improper storage. Instead, enjoy a fresh and beautiful wardrobe with every new season.