Spring is a time for sprouting flowers, new life, fresh air – and an annual deep cleaning of every nook and cranny of our homes. Despite all of the excitement and hope this season brings about, there are very few people who are anticipating spring cleaning with any level of excitement. Maybe a select few fall under this category, but most people are dreading uprooting every room in their house for an entire weekend.

But no one can deny the results. There is a renewed sense of peace and tranquility when you’re spending time in your freshly cleaned home. For a few glorious weeks, you don’t need to have anxiety about a room that needs tidying up. You might even feel motivated to create a year-round plan to keep the messiness at bay with your free time.

But how do you get over the proverbial hump? How can spring cleaning graduate from a chore to an enjoyable experience? That’s what we’re here for. We have a few tips to bring some joy and intentionality to this annual event. Let’s get started!

1. The more, the merrier.

Who said spring cleaning has to be a solo act? Incorporate everyone in the family to participate. That will tackle two big problems: chores will get done quicker and you’ll get to enjoy some company. You’ll be surprised how quickly a basement cleaning can turn into a fun walk down memory lane.

And if you’re a party of one, see if you can bribe some family or friends to come over and help you out. You might have to incentivize with some pizza or promise to do their taxes, but this can be a fun chance to connect with your friends, too.

2. Create incentives.

Speaking of incentives, if you’re trying to get your kids to clean, you might end up being on the receiving end of a whole lot of complaining. Let’s face it – cleaning is not fun for kids. And when they’re forced to do it, sometimes it will be a bigger mess than when they started.

That’s why, occasionally, a little bribery is in order. Create a fun system that rewards finishing tasks. It could be as simple as letting them dictate all of the music that plays for an hour or allowing them to choose dinner one night. Kids might not understand how cleaning benefits them, so it can help to create some side benefits.

3. Give yourself forced breaks.

Some people have trouble allowing themselves to chill out once they start. But spring cleaning can be mentally exhausting. Forcing yourself to work from morning to night without a break just isn‘t sustainable. That’s why incorporating some breaks into your day is so important. Find a short episode of a TV show you love and grab a snack for 30 minutes. Squeeze in a yoga sequence or meditate. Whatever it takes to keep yourself going.

4. Listen to something new.

When you’re spring cleaning, your ears are a captive audience for several hours. Now is the perfect opportunity to listen to something new. Maybe it’s an album from a musician you love but haven’t gotten a chance to sit down with yet. Maybe you have a podcast series you’ve been wanting to binge or an audiobook that’s been sitting on your digital shelf. Whatever it is, find something new you can dance to or be entertained by to make the time pass faster.

These are just a few fun ways to make spring cleaning less tedious, but the overall idea is to be creative. Find things that you enjoy and can weave into your day. And when you’re all done, sit back and admire your work!