So, you finally made the big move and put your home on the market. You’re getting ready to show your home to buyers and hopefully make a sale. It’s an exciting time – but also a little nerve-wracking. 

Think of a home visit like a first date. The other person is scrutinizing everything you do, seeing if you meet their criteria and determining whether there are any red flags they can’t overlook. That’s what’s happening when someone enters your home. Everything they look at is observed under a microscope, and small issues become big ones.

That’s why cleaning your home is such a big deal. In the face of all of this observation, you need to put your home in the best possible light. Because this process can go on for months, it’s important to prioritize certain areas over others. That’s why we’re listing the most important items on your cleaning list to make sure your home is a hit with potential buyers.

Find a space for the odds and ends.

Nothing spells clutter like having random items strewn about the house. Your first course of action in every room should be picking up these items and finding a place for them. Even if it’s a temporary spot, you don’t want buyers to see disorganization when they walk inside. Maybe you keep your toothbrush or your blender out in the open because you use it everyday, but you need to stow it away for visits. 

The same sentiment goes for the yards. Are there toys or garden tools spread across the lawn? They need to be put away, too. You may be used to the way things look but try to put yourself in the shoes of your visitors.

Sanitize every surface.

This might feel like an obvious thing, but you need to clean every visible surface. You might not notice that layer of dust on the TV stand, but your visitors surely will. Get your countertops, tables, and stands sparkling clean. Run the vacuum throughout the house. Get your mop and clean all of the tiled and wood floors. Your home should embrace the phrase, “So clean you could eat from it.”

Check for other possible signs of untidiness.

Sometimes, what you think is tidy is actually an eyesore when a visitor arrives. Got an organized display of toiletries on the counter? Shove them under the sink for now. Keeping some of your groceries on the counter for easy access? Get them in a cupboard. As weird as it may seem, you want to clear out any evidence that someone actually lives in the home.

Seek out the areas that don’t get much attention.

It’s important to clean certain areas often and well – counters, floors, and furniture are some of the first places we lay eyes on in a home. But that shouldn’t be at the expense of other items in your home. For instance, when’s the last time you thoroughly cleaned behind the toilet, or got into the grout of your bathtub with a toothbrush? These are the places you might not think about, but they get noticed right away.

Get your home smelling clean.

Another area we often get desensitized about is smell. While it might not smell musty or funky to you, your guests will pick it out right away. To avoid having an odorous home, try running an oil diffuser with a clean and neutral scene. Don’t pick anything too heavy or strong, as your guests may be just as displeased. Clarifying citrus scents like orange are a perfect choice to have your place smelling fresh.

These cleaning details may seem small, but it makes a huge impact on how a potential buyer sees your home. It might even be the difference between a person who bids and a person who walks. Get the cleaning supplies out – and then get ready to move!