Having pet hair all over the house is a problem for obsessively clean pet lovers everywhere. Sometimes it feels like the two personality traits can’t coexist. If you have a dog or a cat, you can guarantee that you have subjected yourself to a life of lint rolling their hair for an eternity. 

To add insult to injury, pet hair is not always easily removable. It likes to stick to the fibers of your couch or clothing with little remorse for all of your efforts to eradicate it. Not only is that a visual eyesore, but it also spells trouble when you have guests that are allergic to pet dander.

We don’t have a miracle solution to get rid of your pet’s shedding hair, but we do have tips to be proactive and keep your home hair-free. That means any tidy pet lover can let their two desires coexist in relative harmony. 

Brush your best bud

Our first tip is great because it’s double duty. First, you eliminate a lot of potential shedding at the source by having a regular brushing routine. Second, your pet will love you forever for the daily massage. You can even find tools that are specifically for deshedding to get the most hair out with the least amount of effort. Considering how difficult it can be to get hair out of fabric, this is your best option for avoiding that scenario altogether.

Upgrade your vacuum

At some point, all the lint rolling won’t get the job done and you’ll need to break out the heaviest weapon in your arsenal: the vacuum cleaner. This is your best chance to get rid of stray pet hairs, especially from carpets and furniture. But if you have a vacuum cleaner that gets clogged from one dust bunny, it might be time to upgrade. Find a machine that’s high-powered and designed to handle pet hair especially. You might have to spend a bit more money for the extra quality, but it will pay you dividends in peace of mind down the road.

Use an anti-static spray

If you’re really struggling to remove your pet’s hair, try using an anti-static spray. Some types of fabric can create static, and that’s what keeps the pet hair clinging to the fibers of your couch or carpet. By using an anti-static spray you can eliminate the attraction from the static and remove the pet hair much easier.

Get a designated throw blanket

If there’s a particular location that gets a lot of use from your pet, try putting a blanket on top that’s just for your pet. Train them to stay in that area and avoid other parts of the furniture. That way, everything stays isolated in one area and can be easily washed when needed.

Outsmarting pet hair is no easy feat. It can easily overtake your home if you don’t leave it in check. The fact that we put up with all that hair is proof of how much we love our furry friends. But you don’t have to compromise your love of Fido with your love of cleanliness any longer. A little investment in time and resources will make your home a haven for pets and humans alike.